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Location                 : Calicut

Category                : Community housing

Completed year  : 2019


A tropical vertical high rise, which beckons the sky and takes with it the greens-GoodEarth Walk on the Clouds is located off NH-66. Duplex units, three-bedroom units and two -cum study units are the typologies in this high rise. The higher floors have the duplex units, the single level units are in the levels below. Each floor has four units, continuously enveloped by a cavity wall externally. The light play on the brick masonry at the higher level is ethereal. The verticality is rationalized by a continuous horizontal slab at intermediate levels. The fenestrations have deep recessed windows, the dash of colour at the sill adds a zest to the vertical face. The exposed masonry cavity wall, the use of perforated blocks masonry at the upper level enhances the innovations in this project. The thermal insulation from these cavity walls allows a drop of almost 2-3 degrees in temperature, as it shields the interiors from the harsh sun.  The design objective of low energy passive building and occupant comfort is attempted here.

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