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Location              : Perambra, Calicut

Category             : Residence

Completed year : 2021

Vykhary as the name suggests, translates the thought in to the word; thoughts of an Ayurvedic doctor to traverse back to the roots away from the hectic city life. This abode is a cozy haven nestled in the lush green setting of her ancestral land. The design is conceived as two wings - pakalveedu and veedu, connected by a semi-private verandah, all overlooking in to a kulam (pond) and the paddy fields beyond. Rejuvenation of the existing pond was a focus of the design as it was inherent to the nostalgic past. The concept of a pakalveedu along with the home was to bring like-minded elderly people together to spend quality time, reading and interacting. The living area is conceived as a balcony, where one can ponder, dream and enjoy the view beyond. ‘Aavashyam ullathu mathrame vendu jeevithathil’ (living a minimalistic life) being her 'Ikigai', it was carried through the planning, design and material palette. The built form stays humble in terms of volume and the living environment was crafted responding to the client’s nostalgia, social commitment and sensitivity to nature.

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