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Category             : Hospitality

Completed year : 2015

Location              : Mannur


On the banks of the Chaliyar the footprint of the Old “ Pandikashaala ” with its Padipura trace the edge of the majestic Chaliyar river. The approach to this homestay with access both from the river and the road on one side has a picturesque entry. The expansive water edge, the “Padipura”, the addition to the home stay, all in a semblance where the old and the new are in sync. With more than 1/3rd of the site sharing a water edge, the built was designed to accommodate and view the river from every part of the house. Visual connect from one space to the other enhances the idea of openness and free movement in a weekend home. Connecting corridors with light filtering is achieved by the generous use of arecanut barks. Being a natural material, it blends with the backdrop of the canopy of coconut palms and the river. Two different eras from the footprint of this homestead are linked by the subtlety of nature.

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