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Category             : Residence

Completed year : 2017

Location              : Calicut

The peculiar, shaped site and the beautiful canopy of the mango tree determined the direction of the design. An inclusive design where the sculpturesque nature of the tree was central to the court, which is overlooked from the living and dining spaces.

The entry foyer leading to the living spaces, bedrooms and consulting room on the ground, with the dining being overlooked from the upper-level family spaces completes the ground spatial arrangement. The dual height spaces of the dining connect spatially and visually the two levels of the house keeping alive the vertical interactions.

The curvature of the mud plastered backwall of the court carries on above to the first level defining its path. The play of planes juxtaposing each other to create layers, exemplify the material palette of rubble, mud and plastered surfaces. The usage of natural materials elucidates the proximity to the rhythm of nature

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