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Location                : Kannur

Category               : Residence

Completed year   : 2018


The almost square shaped site abutted by roads on two adjacent sides determined the central tactical entry to the site which was higher than the road on the corners. Negotiating the patio and living spaces one is accosted by green areas in the three corners of the site, allowing glimpses from every room in the home. Rubble exposed masonry offset these green gardens as a backdrop. This three bedroom home allows an internal spatial and visual continuity. The spatial connection in this two-storey home is interesting in its stance. The living room connects with the landing as one translates to the upper level. The visual connectivity from the dining to mid-level family to living spaces above creates openness for the inmates. The tree-like steel columns branching out to support the sloped roof gives room for experimenting and playfulness. Material honesty of exposed brick, bamboo, steel, usage of finishes with a vernacular idiom, colors juxtaposing and complementing each other is the language continued on a contemporary note.

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