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Location                : Calicut

Category               : Residence

Completed year    : 2007


The topography of the land called for an elongated spaciousness conforming to traditional principles of planning. The home seems seated in the land adhering to the natural contours as the roof form responds to the climate and seems to emerge gently from the mound. The ample use of natural materials deployed such as exposed rubble, laterite and rough granite for paving allows a timelessness in the aesthetics. Water as an element cools as well as soothes the mind. The water body placed near the entry is a welcoming prologue to the home, framed by a green canopy of nature. The pergola allows filtered light to seep through, shading the sit out and creating a mystical depth. The padipura in the back wall creates an interesting hierarchy between the private outdoor spaces and the service areas without stating the obvious. The built environment is framed by nature in different layers set in space where nature seems to lead the way

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