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Location                  : Malappuram

Category                 : Residence

Completed year      : 2018  


The almost square shaped site is abutted by an access road which approaches downhill. Glimpses of this homestead from different levels has a different view from the various angles. Exposed composite brick masonry and rubble are materials that make a statement. The bamboo pergola at the entry enhances the play of light and shadow at the entry level. The rubble wall in the backdrop accentuates and receives the bamboo support. Juxtaposed planes layer as one approaches the entry area. The layered planes with varied intensity of lumen, tends to make this double storied home scale down. The material palette despite being varied, has a subtle interdependence. Bamboo trellis, velikkallu, Jaisalmer with inlays, the warmth of wood act vibrantly together. The composite masonry on the exterior face insulates the home from the harsh sun, leaving a cooler interior space.

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