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Location                : Calicut

Category               : Residence

Completed year    : 2017


The linear site with an almost 1:2.5 proportion allowed for compact planning. The active sit -out becomes the vibrant entry foyer. The living areas, dining, kitchen and a bedroom are on the ground floor. The dining space is enhanced by the playful staircase which has clerestory lighting, the coloured glass creating patterns on the surfaces as light filters through. The upper level has two bedrooms and a family space maintaining visual connection with the outside and internally through the light well of the staircase. The massing also reflects the intense plan which is scaled down by the deep overhangs of the sit out.


The play of textures and materials gets intensified by the lighting. The tree in the court of the sit out acts as the screen and buffer from the adjacent house, as it enhances it. The tree is given equal and more importance as the protagonist as the roof is resolved around it. The deep overhangs at the entry poomukham of the sit out scales down the entry creating a warm intimacy. 

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