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Location              : Calicut

Category             : Socially relevant

Completed year : 2017

Prasanthi school for the differently abled in the past 15 years has made a commendable contribution to special education. Bringing children to the mainstream of life and society has been their continuous endeavor. An extension of the school is an early detection centre for Autism for children between the ages of 2- 6 years. The project was handled with extreme sensitivity to adapt the needs of the children. Allowing the flow of free spaces in a linear pattern on a single plate to make the circulation barrier free was imperative. The contour of the land was such that the staff facilities were tucked in below at the lower ground level.

The exposed masonry building with its bright blue windows adds a joy to the structure. A variation in masonry ample use of jaali walls allows filtration of light into the main spine. The earthy tones bring a warmth and creates a tranquil ambiance which does not overwhelm the young starter. Colours are added in the treatment planes and details to make the space comfortable for the little ones.

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