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Location              : Palakkad

Category             : Hospitality

Completed year : 2018

An old colonial bungalow looked staid in the fields. This heritage bungalow beckoned the client to make it their home and homestay in their absence. The challenge was the renovation and an adaptable reuse, engaging with the past and making it relevant to the present. Dilapidated due to neglect, this bungalow needed to be rejuvenated. One had to treat it carefully in the process of adapting and reusing a 150-year-old bungalow, structurally stabilizing it as the additions and extensions were made, to revoke its ambience of heritage and its past. Karaikudi tiles flooring enhanced the old-world charm. The wooden ceiling was brought to its old glory. An attempt to subtlety blend with the old. The heritage grandeur of the bungalow was reinstated. The material palette kept to the vernacular to enhance the old-world charm.

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