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Location                : Calicut

Category               : Residence

Completed year   : 2020


Niramaya, in its literal form is an abode free from disturbances, a healthy happy home for doctor duo and their children. Tucked in a 10-cent property, this east facing house has a serene context with tall dense trees occupying the northern parcel of land. This feature has been respectfully catered in the planning of spaces and the side courtyard captures a framed view of these magnificent clumps of trees. Marking an entry, a rubble wall with a sloped detail of coping to collect the rainwater in an earthen pot is an element blurring the natural landscape with the built. The entry verandah with a court pocket reflects the patterns of green onto the walls as textures and opens into a small foyer space. Multiple slabs have been designed as a filler slab construction with clay pots forming a delightful grid pattern on the ceilings. The play of volume and planes creates a visual connection between spaces and outside.

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