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Category                 : Hospitality

Completed year     : 2014

Location                  : Gudalur

En route to Ooty, one is accosted by this resort along the highway at the foothills. Framed by hills in the backdrop, this place often had the gentle pachyderms as visitors. The site was low lying and almost flat. The entry zone has an annexed waiting, reception space which greets the visitor.  Mud plaster, locally available rubble and wood give a rustic prologue to this resort. The usage of pitched roof combats the heavy monsoon rains and glare during the summer.  The twin cottages are placed linearly and single cottages at the far end of the site. The open spaces allow for evening bonfires and interaction, along this axial path The generous use of locally available rubble for buttresses and mud plaster sets the language. The little elements of surprise continue within the resort. The earth hues and treatment are carried through this resort. The rhythmic profile of the compound wall adds a playfulness to the entry area.

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