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Category                  : Hospitality

Completed year      :  2009

Location                   : Meppadi, Wayanad


A home away from home-a home stay in a coffee plantation where the sweeping views of the forest, plantation and surrounding hills enhance this cozy hill home. A place for the family for a weekend getaway, as well as a home stay for visitors who would enjoy the nuances of a different culture at home. The profile of the contours on site allowed the home to be tucked into the land. A gentle hierarchy is seen in the roof, the living room with the chimney at the mid-level connecting the roofs at the lower level. The staircase becomes the central transitional spine connecting the upper and lower level by half a flight. Planning although axial is essentially in two levels, using the contours judiciously.

The rustic and venerable ambiance of brick and rubble in the exterior seats the structure to the land. There is a continuity into the interiors as textures with colorful material use, giving a timelessness to the home.

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