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Category              :  Hospitality

Completed year  :  2011

Location               :  Calicut

This old taxpayer’s colonial building was built a few furlongs away from the sea. Having endured the test of time, its usage had changed - from residential to an office, a used car showroom before it was proposed as a multi cuisine restaurant. This interesting building despite its lack of maintenance and dilapidated state retained a certain charm beckoning to revoke its lost glory. The planning was such that one room interconnected with the other and there was a continuous verandah around it keeping the climate and context in mind. Externally the supporting columns for the verandah was rebuilt in brick masonry to give a sense of stability to the structure. The volume within the building was interesting, the entire ceiling was paneled with cross beams and rafters which supported the floor above. Niches in the walls brought forth the idioms of the beach and the city- the lighthouse, the boats, a wall painted with frames that spoke of beach activities. The vibrancy of blues and yellows as threads from the sea side carried through.

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