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Location                : Calicut

Category               : Residence

Completed year   : 2021


A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there.’ – MK Soni

Khwab is such a home nurturing and reinforcing the relationships between generations. 'Khwab' as the name says, depicts a dream of a charming family of four to grow in a positive living. The couple, both doctors chose their 22 cents land adjacent to the parents' existing house, thus setting the context of connected relations and sense of belonging to the site. The need for a single-storey house with common living spaces and four bedrooms were translated into the design to accommodate various green pockets and enrich the cross ventilation. The ancestral house being a dominant structure, the house was designed respecting and responding to it in its planning and built form. A linear layout took shape to interpret each requirement to an ideal and unique ambience, tucking each bedroom on the external edges whilst the core space of sit-out, living and dining areas wrapped around an existing tree and well.

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