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Location                : Calicut

Category               : Residence

Completed year   : 2021


Vibrant and seasonal, like the mayflower tree, Gulmohar is a family home for a doctor duo and their son. Nested in a 10 cents plot, the design was developed with minimal requirements as the home becomes alive only once a year during the clients’ visit to hometown. At the same time, multipurpose spaces were designed considering the family settling there years later.

The entry is designed as an informal sit-out space which continues in to the house as a linear foyer. The drawing room at the entry and the dining space which follows become gathering spaces for guests and family during their stay. The porous walls of the private court enveloped between these common areas embrace the green, thus blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The dining space opens in to a patio and a family yard on the rear side. The family living space in first floor overlooks in to the double height drawing room, thus allowing spatial and visual continuity. The subtle interiors adorned with white and grey become vibrant with a splash of few colors.

The design of the front yard evolved with respect to the existing mango tree on site. A jogging track in the side yard buffers the private court from the lane on the south side. The court and the yards become active nodes as well as serve as breathing spaces for the interior spaces. The greenery cradling the house brings down the visual scale of the built form.

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