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Location               : Gudalur

Category              : Residence

Completed year  : 2010


Set on the foothills of the Nilgiris adjacent to a tea estate, the site’s sweeping views had to be captured. The design primarily responded not just to the site but allowed a play of materials with respect to the climatic context. The openness of the home is reflected in the planning. The movement of spaces from one to the other, the large windows that capture views, with deep sills, allows the continuous interaction of inside and outside.

The sturdy rubble buttresses at the sit out with the filler of stabilized mud blocks (from site excavations and made on site) forms the building blocks. The extreme climate determined the need for materials which would insulate during the hot summer. A light roof of truss and clay tiles to combat the rains at the foothills was needed. The planning allows different perspectives of the surrounding to be part of the interiors through grilles bay windows. The colours of jaisalmer and athangudi make the interior spaces vibrant.

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