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Category               : Hospitality

Completed year   : 2012

Location                : Kumily, Idukki


Greenwoods a wooded hill, with tall trees in the high terrain of Idukki has been aptly named, known for its misty mornings and evenings, the cardamom and spice trails is truly invigorating for the traveler. The cottages planned here is in a steep terrain of the site, clustered together as a typical hamlet. Vernacular approach with a contemporary interpretation. Cottages of different typologies needed to be added, each catering to a different clientele. Facilities met the standards of the international traveler yet carry forth the local flavors. Resorting to the vernacular for hints assisted in reinterpreting the design. Mud walls, stone, wooden columns with sloped roofs to combat the climate, generously offsetted with the wild cardamom plants tucked the cottages away. The presidential suites with its private pool had the luxury and privacy being on the furthest end. It is here that Nature takes precedence, and the built environment remains in the backdrop.

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