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Location              :  Calicut

Category             : Community housing

Completed year  : 2006


An almost square 36 cents of land in 3-4 levels was tucked away from the busy medical college road. Conforming to the traditional nallu -kettu , this multi dwelling commune had a tharavaad (traditional kerela family home) quality. The inward planning land profile used judiciously allowed vehicular parking at the lower level, making the upper levels vehicular free. As one  traverses to the upper level we have a play space, where dribbling, cycling and running toddlers form the active energy. The central green court has the four blocks and their units overlooking it and are accessed from this core transitional space.

The green court is the natural ground level. Intermediate spaces such as the carom play space, the sit -out of the homes with an entry from the ground floor are all accessed from the court. The composite brick masonry and the colours of sunlight yellow in the interspersed courts add to the juxtapositioning of planes, solids and voids.

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