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Location               : Calicut

Category              : Community housing

Completed year  : 2011


An extremely linear site with a distinct sloping terrain demanded a site responsive solution. The linearity did not permit a central court, but a green space was needed to uphold the values of community living-macro and micro courts were planned. Spaces were handled as three levels, each level having a combination of single and duplex units. The bridges connecting the different levels become the vibrant community spaces which look into the green spaces below. The limitation of land allowed the innovation of vertical green walls. The natural land profile was maintained, the three module blocks allowed a rhythmic massing. Natural materials such as 'velikkallu' (fencing granite) and a combination of composite masonry, bring forth earth hues. In the central block the bridges that connect the various levels add vibrancy to the community space below, which has an open club space. The visual continuity from the court and club to the green cultivated farm on the rear side allowed free movement of the natural breeze. The hierarchy of terraces in each unit allows a visual continuity, as the play of planes in massing completes the imagery.

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