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Location               : Calicut

Category              : Institution

Completed year  : 2020


The GENDER PARK is a definitive effort towards socio - economic transformation and inclusive development conceived by the Department of Social Justice, Government of Kerala.  A platform where the State, Non-Government Organizations, Academia, Civil society, and the Private Sector unite for learning and Research on Gender equality. The vision is to achieve a just society where men, women, children and trans persons have equal access to development opportunities and resources.

Spread over 24 acres, this contoured site has dense vegetation and tall trees. The old observation home for boys has a historic significance - Mahatma Gandhi had a short stay in this building during his walk for freedom bringing the need to preserve, renovate and reuse the building as the Core block. The historic and spiritual significance of the space was revered by facilitating this as the library and documentation space. The restored and adaptively reused Gandhi Block is embraced by the new academic -Resource block. Hints of the Core Block is carried over to the Resource block, the architectural language, material usage and response to the climate, exuding a simplicity. The academic area needed intermediate transition spaces, hence courts at the lower level and corridors at the upper level became the links between the classrooms continuing the conversation between old and new. The cultural centre, comprising the auditorium and amphitheatre are completed in the first phase. The periphery of this centre has murals which invoke the elements of life.

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