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Category               : Hospitality

Completed year   : 2012

Location                : Thondayad, Calicut


Quietly standing overlooking the highway, Copperfolia is a boutique business hotel on NH-65. Providing the crispness in services and the luxury of amenities, this hotel has twenty-seven rooms in different categories. The colours of formality of black and white are broken by the hues of nature, mellowing the rigidity of a constrained site which demanded all the facilities of a 4-star hotel in a 37-cent site. The facade is lined by lush lantana, making it a green vertical edge that towers over the highway. The upper room floors are singly loaded. The wide-open corridors, edged by the planters is an added relief as one traverses to the room. The interior treatment is understated, the finishes in wood, offsetted by natural greenery, gives a warmth despite being in a crisp business ambience. The burst of colour and material usage breaks from the concept of the business and formal spaces.

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