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Location              : Thalassery

Category             : Responsible architecture

Completed year : 2019

Thalassery and its North Malabar hinterland is a treasure trove of glorious heritage, architecture and nature, it is also the cultural, social, political & economical nerve centre of North Kerala. Thalassery Heritage Project (THP) intends to reveal this palette of heritage experiences to travellers . Within the Cultural circuit Andalur Kaavu is an important pilgrim centre. Beholding the indigenous essence of culture and the influence of theyyam, Andalur Kaavu acts as a divine and significant centre. This ancient temple was documented to have functioned as a judicial court with a system of dispute resolution at the village level.

Exposed laterite masonry with traditional roofs allows the pilgrim centre to be functional without disturbing the ambiance of the place. The pilgrim centre has dormitories and related facilities. Traditional idioms of cornices, charupadi seats are carried through in the design, giving the vernacular importance. The temple complex being a strong context, it was critical to approach the project with sensitivity and caution so as to uphold the spirit of the place.

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